June 21 March to End Police Brutality

This is a peaceful march to bring community together to call for justice and accountability against police brutality. We are expressing solidarity with those routinely harassed, brutalized and killed by police because when it happens to one of us, it harms us all.

Date: Saturday June 21st
Time: 11am-4pm
Location: March will leave from Roosevelt Park (Coal Ave SE & Spruce St SE)

Kiko Martinez: well known Chicano activist & human rights lawyer, famous for being a political target of J. Edgar Hoover, framed for bombing in 1973; he fled the country when police were told to shoot him on sight; charges later dropped put on the “no fly” list after 9/11; still going strong

Ana Rondon: Dine (Navajo) activist who worked with AIM and currently works against nuclear industry, human rights abuses, and for social & economic justice.

Sam Costales: 24 yr veteran of Albuquerque Police Department now speaking out about the “culture of aggression” at APD. He was told to shoot a man and chastised when he refused.

Mike Gomez: father of Alan Gomez, unarmed man killed by APD in 2011. Mike has been working since his son’s death to expose the problems at APD. He won recent wrongful death lawsuit against the city.

Mary Jobe: fiancé to Daniel Tillson, unarmed man killed by APD in 2012, leaving her with 3 children to raise. Mary helped found the Abq CopBlock and has been working to end APD violence.
Her 12 yr old son, Isaac, will read a poem about the killing of his father.

Monica Salazar: local poet and activist who witnessed the killing of a friend by APD. Monica will read a poem and also has organized a “die-In” to visually demonstrate the impact of APD violence on the community.

Richard Moore: Chicano activist who co-founded the Black Berets, was part of the police riots in Albuquerque in the 1970s at Roosevelt Park, two Black Berets were assassinated by APD during the Chicano movement of 1970s; currently director of Los Jardines Institute.

Musical Guests
Mala Maña (the band’s roadie, Mary Hawkes, was the 19 yr old killed by APD in April)
Sherri Gonzaes Blues Trio
MC Def

“Die-In” a participatory visual reminder of the impact of APD killings
“The People’s Trial of Chief of Police Gordon Eden”


There are three parking lots surrounding Roosevelt Park. There is not a lot of street parking in the area so please be mindful not to block anyone’s driveway.

If you are coming from out of town and need housing, please contact APDprotest@gmail.com

Our Reasons for Marching Against Police Violence (and why you should join us):

Since the US DOJ report was released, which concluded that the Albuquerque police department engages in unconstitutional policing and routinely uses unjustified lethal and non-lethal force, its officers have shot and killed three more people. Mary Hawkes, Armand Martin and Ralph Chavez. In all three recent shooting deaths, the troubling practices and patterns identified by the DOJ have been on display. DOJ criticized SWAT for frequently escalating, rather than de-escalating, potentially dangerous situations, failing to property capture lapel camera video, and for deficiencies in dealing with people who are barricaded, suicidal and/or suffering from a mental health crisis. Armand Martin was suicidal, barricaded in his home and suffering from a mental health crisis when they shot and killed him. The only video captured from the four-hour standoff is video of APD officers handcuffing a many they had just shot and killed.

Officer Jerermy Dear killed Mary Hawkes with three shots. APD claims that no video of the shooting was captured by Dear’s lapel camera. Dear, it turns out, has routinely failed to record video during confrontations with people but has never been disciplined. He claims Hawkes pointed a gun at him, but the medical examiner’s  report determined that the three fatal shots entered Hawkes from the left side and at a downward trajectory. The weapon has never been produced.

Ralph Chavez was violent and suicidal on the night two APD officers shot and killed him this May. He was armed with a small box cutter. No video has been released. Although in audio of the confrontation, Chavez can be heard telling the officers to kill him. They did.

For these shootings and for the killings of scores of other men and women, often poor, homeless and frequently suffering from mental illness, we have organized a March to End Police Brutality in Albuquerque on June 21, 2014. It is planned as an historic, PEACEFUL, national civil rights march to demand accountability and justice for the many victims of police violence in Albuquerque and to protect APD’s possible future victims of violent police death.

Join us in Roosevelt Park on Coal and Sycamore at 11 AM on Saturday, June 21. The March will step off from the park at Noon and travel along Central to Nob Hill and back (see the route map on the flyers on this website). Once back at the park, stay for a full program of local and national speakers (and check back to this website frequently for updates on who will speak and at what time), and music.

In addition, and because the District Attorney and State Attorney General have abrogated their responsibility and have refused to hold APD accountable for the many crimes identified by the Department of Justice, we will hold a trial for Albuquerque’s police chief Gorden Eden and prosecute him as an accessory to the murder of James Boyd, Alfred Redwine, Mary Hawkes, Armand Martin and Ralph Chavez–the five people APD has killed in the short time Eden has been Chief.

Lastly, this is not a march organized by people or organizations with deep pockets. And yet we have many expenses. Please consider making a donation by using the PayPal button on the right-hand side of the website. Our friends at La Jicarita have agreed to let us use their existing PayPal account in order to collect donations for various needs, such as  porta-johns ($350),  garbage bags and water ($100), rental fees for a stage and an electrical generator ($200). In the spirit of transparency, a spirit that apparently does not haunt Mayor Richard Berry, we will post on this website the amount in donations we receive and the total cost of all expenses toward the march.

Hasta La Victoria, Siempre!

APD March June 21_revAPD March June 21_spanish_JPG

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